Best Wireless Earbuds – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

best true wireless earbudsIt is often said that music is an addiction, one that you can never overdose on. If you are one of those who love their music wherever they go or if you simply appreciate having it around once in a while, earphones are a must have.

Now when I say earphones or headphones, if you instantly imagined a tangled mess of wires, then read on. Presenting to you one of the most life easing inventions of the century, wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds are quickly becoming popular among users who want to free themselves of the limitations due to the wires of earphones.

Present day wireless earbuds are available in a wide range of designs and costs alike. You can be assured to find a pair of wireless earbuds suitable for your requirement and budget. To make the process of selecting the right pair for you easier, here is a list of the 10 best wireless earbuds in 2020:

Model NameBattery lifeWireless 
Jaybird x3 Sport8 hrYesCheck Price
SENSO Bluetooth Headphones8 hrYesCheck Price
Bose SoundSport6 hrYesCheck Price
Jabra Elite Active 65t5 hrTruly wirelessCheck Price
Anker SoundBuds NB105 hrYesCheck Price
LG Tone Pro11 hrYesCheck Price
Samsung Level U Pro9 hrYesCheck Price
Sony Wireless8.5 hrYesCheck Price
Plantronics BackBeat Go 24YesCheck Price

#1 Jaybird x3 Sport

When we talk about Jaybird, it is a given that the design and materials are the heroes. This holds good for their X series as well. Being a brand that has been in the industry of delivering excellent musical experiences to their customer for quite some while now, Jaybird understands exactly what their customers want.

The Jaybird X3 Sport wireless buds for iPhone and Android are yet another example of their keen attention to materials and comfort. The earbuds come with patented silicone earfins that ensure a snug fit in the ear. This makes the use of these earbuds carefree even during intensive physical activities like working out or dancing. The size of these earbuds is another attractive feature. With a weight of 0.48 ounces, they feel light as a feather in your ear. However they are available in S,M and L sized earbuds.

Although they are small in size, no compromise has been done on the sound quality and sturdiness. They are sweat proof with their unique hydrophobic nano coating. This coating also protects them from moisture in the atmosphere making them suitable for use in any weather condition. Their battery life is simply phenomenal with a promising 8 hours after charging for just 15 minutes.

With their special MySound App you can also customize the sound according to your personal liking which is really cool. They also come with a trendy carrying case. The only downside of these earbuds is that they belong to the slightly expensive end of the spectrum. But that is completely justified considering the experience that they have to offer.

#2 SENSO Bluetooth Headphones – Best cheap wireless earbuds

The next to feature on this list are the SENSO earbuds or ACTIVBUDS as they are called. If you are one of those people who look for great ergonomics in every product, these are just for you. The earbuds are specifically designed to suit running and gym sessions in general. They have an excellent 8 hour battery life and come with three sets of changeable eartips in small, medium and large sizes. They also come with a cute carrying case which easily accommodates the short charging cable. The dual port USB car charger allows you to charge on the go without any hassle.

The charging time with these is slightly longer and may take up to 2 hours but the standby time of 240 hours more than makes up for it. They have a 30ft. transmission and are compatible with any Bluetooth 4.1 + enabled device. They are also waterproof. They come with a warranty of 1 year and a 30 day return policy which seems quite confident from the manufacturer’s side.

These earbuds are slightly heavier as compared to the previous feature with a weight of 0.63 ounces. However the unique design and snug fit makes up for it.

#3 Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones

Need we say more than just this name? Bose as we all know has been reinventing the way we experience sound for so long now. Their speakers and earphones are unbeatable when it comes to sound quality and noise cancellation. Pair that up with no wires, and you have yourself these beauties. The Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones are a pair of cool aqua and black headphones that will definitely be a source of envy for other music lovers. They come in a unique design that sits in the ear perfectly.

Their Lithium ion battery has discharge duration of a good 6 hours making them worth every penny. These earphones are built to resist sweat during your work out sessions and are sure to never once leave your ear. They have Bluetooth and NFC pairing capability making them versatile and universal.

If the music critic in you is always complaining about volume imbalance, these wireless earphones will give you no chance to complain. The Bose active EQ technology assures you a balanced sound at any given volume. Although these don’t match the light weight earphones, their quality and ruggedness makes up for that in the long run. You know what I mean.

#4 HearFuse

If you are an admirer of art and believe in simplistic design, there is no way that you can miss out on the HearFuse True wireless earbuds. As their name suggests, these earbuds are a pair of earbuds with no wires whatsoever. The design is cute yet chic at the same time. They fit snugly into your ears with excellent attention to ergonomics.

They come with a 1000 Mah charging case which adds to the appeal of the product. We just can’t stop talking about how simple and classy they look. With a 10 meter pairing distance, they are sure to become your ideal workout partners. They are compatible with any device that can support Bluetooth 4.2 or higher.

They will surely give you a dynamic stereo experience with their crisp and clear sound. The only downside is their cost, which seems to be slightly on the higher side.

#5 Jabra Elite Active 65t – Best Truly wireless earbuds

If you are a fan of ultra light earphones then the Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds are just for you. These truly wireless earphones comprise of two pieces that can be independently used. Compatible with Bluetoth 4.2 enabled devices, these earphones comes with a pocket friendly charging case that makes on the go music experience a long lasting one.

A unique feature of these earphones is it has built in alexa and also 4 microphone technology, which makes your call more clear. The battery life is a good 5 hours for earbuds and an extra 10 hours from the included charging case which is a pocket friendly one.

These truly wireless earbuds come with a two year guarantee from the manufacturers. The sound quality boasts of the High fidelity super clear sound. These earbuds have secure fitted design for enhanced in ear stability. These earbuds are IP56 rated, Another unique feature of these earbuds is you can track your workout performance with inbuilt motion sensor. With all these feature these earbuds are one of the best truly wireless earbuds in the market.

#6 Anker SoundBuds NB10

Anker SoundBuds NB10 is the next to feature on this list. Their unique flexible fit design is what sets them apart. Although they had a supporting structure running at the back of the users head, they have fitclips that manage to make it unnoticeable. The sound quality is excellent for a product in this price range. Their water resistance is reinforced with their shell type design and a nano coating.

These earbuds are built with workouts and heavy sweating in mind. They have an effortless 6 hours continuous playtime. The warranty is a lengthy 18 month promise from the manufacturers. They can be used with Bluetooth 4.1 enabled devices and come with a cool carrying case for your convenience.

#7 LG Tone Pro

Talk electronics, and you simply can’t afford to exclude a brand like LG. They have been in the market of earphones for so long that they inevitable keep reinventing their products. The LG Tone Pro is a classic example of how much thought they put into their products. These wireless earphones come with a highly impressive 11 hours music play time with full charge and an even longer talk time. They have easy to access chrome button which enable the user to control the functions effortlessly.

The design is stylish with no compromise on the fit and comfort. They get connected to any Bluetooth 4.1 or higher enabled device and are ideal for users who wish to receive calls on the go and also love listening to music.

#8 Samsung Level U Pro

Samsung Level U Pro Wireless in-ear headphones are a great option for users who wish to answer calls without having to worry about wires. These black, stylish earphones come with an inbuilt microphone. The joints of the earphones are made of Urethane which provides flexibility.

These earphones are excellent with respect to fit and comfort. They have brilliant noise isolation and a good stereo quality. They might seem heavy to some users although they claim to be light weight. They are Bluetooth 4.1 or higher supported. With a battery life of up to 9 hours, the only downside of these sweat resistant earphones is that they are compatible with selected Samsung Galaxy devices. These earphones come with a handy carrying case.

#9 Sony Wireless

With an impressive 8.5 hours of battery life, the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth headphones are the next on this list. They are wireless earphones with a supporting wrap around headband. These are Bluetooth and NFC one touch compatible which makes them universal. Their built in microphone makes them ideal for answering and receiving calls while in the gym or while running.

Their design is water resistant making them an all weather favorite product. The sound quality is unbeatable and they can be worn for really long periods of time. These earphones look appealing and are available in red, blue and black. The only downside is that you will have to buy the carrying case separately.

#10 Plantronics Back Beat Go 2

The last entry on this list is the Plantronics Back Beat Go 2. Even before we start discussing how great these earphones are, let us take a moment to appreciate the minimalistic design. These can be worn all day, at work, while walking or at the gym. They are compact and travel friendly.

With just 20 minutes of charging time, these claim to perform for up to 14.5 hours which is ideal for work. Their military grade build makes them waterproof. The quality of sound is balanced and noise cancellation is pretty decent.

The downside is that a carrying case needs to be separately bought and the battery life may not match with the claims when listening to music at higher volumes.

Things you should look for in Wireless Earphones

Before you proceed to buying your pick from the list, here a few things you must consider:

Fit and comfort

Since wireless earphones usually sit in the ear with little or no support, it is important to pay attention to the fit and comfort. If you are planning to use them while doing intense physical tasks, you might want to pick earbuds that are designed for that purpose. Also ensure that you are comfortable wearing them for long duration. Look for earbuds with eartips available in different sizes. You can also choose earphones with a wrap around supporting band to prevent falling out of the eartips.

Battery life

A long battery life is preferred by everyone. Based on your requirement, make sure you choose earphones that fit your usage duration. If you wish to travel and may not get access to charging points, it is better to choose earphones that charge quickly and discharge slowly.


The technology that the earphones are compatible with is another important factor to be considered. While most of these are Bluetooth compatible, it can be noted that the devices that use Bluetooth 4.1 or higher have a better battery life. Be careful to read the specifications before purchasing as some of the earphones may be compatible with only certain brand of devices or technologies.

Active noise cancellation

This feature primarily cuts out the noise and other sounds in the surrounding giving you a great music experience. Always look for earphones which have active noise cancellation feature as it is guaranteed to make a huge difference in the way you listen to music.

Summing it up

Wireless earphones have certainly changed the way the world listens to music. With the wide range of products available, choosing the pair that suits you best can be challenging. Hopefully, this list has helped your buying easier. Of the earphones featured in this 10 best wireless earbuds list, each has their own pros and cons. While some are suited for intense activities, others are ideal for work and answering calls. It is best to make the choice depending on your requirement and budget. Also make sure to consider the key features before investing in them and hope you have a great music experience.

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