Best 3d printing Pens 2024 – Reviews

What is a 3D pen?

Best 3d pensThere is a new product popular among artists and creators, a 3D pen. It is similar to an ordinary pen but is made differently and works like a hand-held 3D printer. A 3D pen is a bloated version of the regular pen which has plastic instead of the conventional ink for using it. Your head must be filling with questions like, why do we need it or what purpose would it serve, and other questions.

There are numerous ways a 3D pen could be used given its key functional property; it can be used on any surface and with a touch of 3D! Yes, that is right. These pens do not require a paper like surface, or a special screen to be used on. It has the same design as an ordinary pen has, it requires the same movements as an ordinary pen does, only difference is that it is 3D.

How Does  a 3D printing pen works

3d pen workingA 3D pen is filled with a plastic filament which goes into it through one end, unlike the regular pen which uses ink. Inside the pen, there is a heating element that heats up the plastic to form a hot liquid of plastic which can be used to draw, write, and do pretty much everything on any surface. Yup, that’s about it. Simple as that.

Then again, what to do with it, right? Possibilities are endless. You could give another dimension to your paper artwork. Explain concepts with 3D which seem complicated in 2D on paper. It’s only been a little while since the launch of 3D pens the but the market has flooded with different styles and varieties of pens serving a plethora of purposes. For a person who is inexperienced, choosing the best out of many could be bothersome.

We have made a list of the best 3D pens in the market currently, so you don’t have to scratch your head and waste time on going through each one of them. But before we jump right into them, we’d like to mention a few things to consider before buying any 3D pen. Something like a Buyer’s guide.

  1. It is Better to  choose a portable 3D pen.
  2. Read the Instructions Manual Before Operating a 3D pen
  3. Exercise caution while using hot nozzle pen. The tip could burn surfaces and skin.
  4. Do not use any other plastic filaments other than the suggested one. It could harm the device.

Things to Consider When buying a 3D pen

1. Type of control- Most 3D pens come with a temperature control system. You can control the temperature of the liquid plastic. Many allow us to control the speed of the flowing liquid for stable art pieces. Control boosts efficiency and accuracy and increases comfort of drawing.

2. Design A steady hand and a steady device make the art cleaner and accurate. The ergonomic design of the pen offers just that. These pens are designed to fit perfectly in your hand and cause the least bit of discomfort. Small and portable, even a laptop could charge the battery of these pens.

3. Filament type- There are four types of filaments; Standard, Flexible, Composite, and Specialty. The type of filament used determines the strength and style of design. It allows us to hold the pen at different angles to get difficult corners or make intricate designs. Filaments which can easily be replaced are far more convenient for use. They keep the pen usable for a long time.

Wait..wait. Another thing. After the release of 3D pens, a new pen was launched which is known as Cool ink pen. It is also a 3D pen but the cool ink pen differs in a lot of ways than the conventional 3D pen. The main component which separates cool ink pen from the rest of the 3D pens is the cooling element. The pen uses photo-polymers(substances which react to light) that are cooled using a LED light. Cool, right? It is designed to increase the safety while using a 3D pen. Conventional 3D pens use a heater to melt plastic which when flows out is quite hot, which could potentially damage the skin if it comes in contact.

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Top 10 Best 3D printing pens in 2024

Here is a List of The top 10 Best 3d printing pens in Market.

3D Pen NameLCD DisplayDimensionsWeight
Mynt3DYes8.5 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches60 grams Check Price
3Doodler Start
(Best For Kids)
NO9.0 x 6.0 x 2.5 inches140 grams Check Price
3Doodler Create+No0.67 x 0.75 x 6.1 inches130 grams Check Price
Scribbler 3D Pen V3Yes6.1 x 2.1 x 4.2 inches68 grams Check Price
3DoodlerNo8.6 x 6.6 x 2.5 inches70 grams Check Price
TecBoss 3D PenYes7.1 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches52 grams Check Price
CreoPop Cordless PenNo8.9 x 2.3 x 6.1 inches0.8 Pounds Check Price
AIO Robotics 3D PenYes7.3 x 3.1 x 4.2 inches70 grams Check Price
Packgout 3D penYes7.2 x 1.1 x 1.6 inches62 grams Check Price
BeTim 3D PenNo7.1 x 1.1 x 1.6 inches0.13 lbs Check Price

#1 MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Mynt 3d printing pen ReviewAnother 3D pen that fights for the top spot. The MYNT3D pen is an all round 3D pen perfect for professionals and kids. This powerful pen comes with speed control to fill larger areas quickly and intricate designs delicately, temperature control to let any filament of plastic that melts between 130-240 degree Celsius work splendidly.

This pen breaks barriers of using only proprietary filaments by letting itself work on any filament. Its ergonomic design lets you control the device with perfect maneuverability which many 3D pens fail to do. All this with the pinch of portability. It comes with battery power banks that can be charged using a USB charger. If the tip of the pen gets too hot and gets damaged, worry not, it can be replaced within a matter of minutes. The modular design makes this pen easily changeable, thus making it last longer than other pens.

Its lightweight, 9.6 ounces body makes it a near perfect device for 3D crafts and designs. Not too heavy and not too light on the hands. Many users have reported jamming of the flow area because of uneven heating of the filament but that only accounts for about 10% of the users. This is usually caused due to incorrect temperature settings and user error. All that and it comes with an OLED display. Other than that, everything works as smooth as butter.

  • Extrusion Speed Control
  • OLED Display
  • FDM technology
  • Irregular Heating reported by few users

#2 TecBoss 3D Pen

Tecboss- best 3d pen reviews

Tecboss has certainly mastered the ergonomics of 3D pens. Claiming to be the lightest 3D pen in the market, it boasts of a beautiful matte black aesthetic, which is suitable for all ages from 5 years onwards. However, the unique feature on this one is the patented nozzle made of ceramic and the temperature design that can be adjusted. Coming to materials, you can use either PLA filaments refill at 160-180⁰C or ABS filament refills at 180-210⁰C. The diameter of the filaments is 1.750.02mm. What more, it also comes with eight speed control levels and an OLED display that makes it extremely easy to use. The OLED displays both temperature and material of filament in use.

As a safety feature, the pen has two finger protectors that cover the thumb and the forefinger. We would still recommend that children be under supervision when using this pen.

The pen comes with a micro USB charger and power adapter so you can start using the pen right away. It also has a sturdy penholder, which is perfect for resting the pen while you take a break.

The only downside would be the heating of the tip of the pen after a while, which can be easily managed.

  • 8 level Speed control
  • OLED display
  • Can use PLA or ABS filament
  • Tip heats up on long usage

#3 3Doodler – Best 3d Pen for Artists

3doodler 3d pen reviewThe 3Doodler is the world’s first 3D pen designed by WobbleWorks, Inc., a relatively new consumer electronics company. The pen has a compact body which is easy to use and weighs 1.2 pounds. It’s almost 7.5 inches long and fits perfectly like a pen in a hand. Its width varies with distance and does not have a tapered area to hold it. This proves to be a little bothersome but the rest of the features make up for the lack of an ergonomic design. Like most 3D pens this also does not come with a USB type charging port.

It has two speeds to run at, fast and slow, also a reverse function. Two temperature settings to use with ABS and PLA refills. A multi color LED indicator to display various settings. Does not take much time to warm up, not more than a minute. Packaged box contains 50 strands of plastic with a variety of 10 different colors to choose from. According to popular opinion, it is extremely energy efficient and cools pretty rapidly but the tip heats up to high temperatures and should be kept away from children. The body is a little bulkier which seems to make it difficult to move easily. All in all, a nice pen for experienced people, a bit of a learning curve for the beginners.

  • Multiple Settings
  • Compact body
  • sturdy
  • No tapered area
  • Bulky

#4 CreoPop 3D cordless pen

Creo pop 3d pen ReviewCreaoPop 3D is not like your ordinary 3D pens. This powerful device is the first of its kind. The pen is a cordless 3D pen, yes, no wires, which gives immense portability. Being a cool ink 3D pen, it does not have any heating element. It uses melted plastic without heating it. How cool can this get! In the above text, I had mentioned the difference between normal 3D pens and cool ink 3D pens. CreoPop 3D uses cool ink technology to cool the melted plastic using LED diodes. It is one of the Best Cool Ink 3d pen.

The plastic is special as it is made up of photo-polymers which react to light. Other 3D pens use thermoplastic which reacts to heat. Given that there is no heating element, it is very easy to use and safe for children. Also, no filament is required as the plastic ink comes in cartridges. The makers are the only supplier of the ink cartridges reducing the availability of the plastic. It has control functions for speed, temperature, etc. Sleek design and compact body make this pen stand class apart from the rest of the pens in the market. As there is no power cord, it has a battery that can be charged using a USB cable. No hassle of dangling wires while you are working on your next masterpiece.

  • Lightweight
  • Best suited For children
  • Cool link Technology
  • Bulky Design
  • Compatible ink cartridges supplied by the makers only

#5 3Doodler Start – Best 3d Pen for Kids

3Doodler start review- best 3d pen for KidsNext in order is the 3Doodle Start. The perfect gift for your child this year, the 3Doodler Start is the 3D pen that we recommend all beginners should start with. It is meticulously designed to be safe for children above the age of 6.  The attractive color on this one makes it an ideal hobby tool for kids. Be it drawing in air or a given surface, this pen can do both. The interactive app allows kids to doodle on the screen and have a great learning experience while having fun. It is complete with some stencils that make it easy to practice and perfect your 3D creations. You will also need to buy the plastics from the same maker once you run out of them.

The micro-USB charger comes with the pen. It is portable and easy to use. However, the only concern you might have with this pen is the slightly bulky design. The 9*6*2 inch pen may be a little tiring working for long time. In addition, we would not recommend this for professionals.

  • Safe for kids
  • Comes with App for fun stencils
  • Bulky
  • Tip gets clogged occasionally

#6 3D Simo MultiPro

3d simo 3d pen reviewThe 3D Simo, where to begin. This 3D pen is nothing like your average 3D pens. It is way ahead of the competition and started to grab a lot of attention. After the market had saturated with a plethora of 3D pens the 3D Simo didn’t want to be another book on the shelf. This amazingly beautiful pen not only allows us to draw in 3D but can also help in soldering, cutting, and even burning. All this with different attachments that come with the pen. All these features may not be much use to a kid but to a professional, it means a lot. To design and make intricate pieces, a pro requires every kind of tool at his disposal and the 3D Simo delivers exactly that. If you are Looking for a 3d pen for your kids, then you need to check 3d simo Basic 3d pen, which is best suited For kids.

The body is a bit bulky, but it can be overlooked given the kind of technology required to combine soldering, cutting, and burning with 3D doodling. It has all the basic control functions like temperature and speed and is also suited for every type of filament in the market.That’s not all, it comes with its own material designed app, for both IOS and Android. You can watch tutorials, make designs, and do a whole lot of other cool stuff on the app. The best part, it comes with USB charging. Portable, 4-in-one features, cool mobile app, what more do you want?

  • Has Mobile App
  • Easy to Use
  • Supports all types Filaments
  • Not portable

#7 Scribbler 3D pen V3 Review- Best 3d pen for Hobbyists

scribbler 3d pen reviewThe Scribbler 3D V3 has been remodeled, redesigned, reconstructed over and over again to make it the perfect device for unleashing your creative side. It still goes under a lot of design changes and is continuously being improved. It comes with a standard USA Power adapter with no USB type charging capabilities, 3×1.75mm PLA filament in different colors to make designs more colorful. Its 4-inch long body with 2×6 inches width renders it superbly portable. With its weight on the lighter side, being only 6.4 ounces, the degree of control is incredible.

People of all age groups can make use of this pen as it serves all equally. Professionals, amateurs, kids, everyone. Some people have reported the loss of motor function in pen after a while; the filament isn’t being automatically sucked in. This, however, is the case with many 3D pens. But it’s like we said, it is being perfected all year round. It comes with a handy user manual explaining all the inbuilt functions present on the pen so even a child of the age of 7 can understand. Ergonomic design, slim body, lightweight, it feels as if one is drawing with a regular pen. It has rechargeable batteries that can last very long, well, that depends on the type of work, but they are enough.

  • LCD Display
  • Best for Beginners
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Not suitable for Kids
  • No tapered area to hold the pen comfortably

#8 AIO Robotics Premium 3D pen Review

aio robotics 3d pen reviewThe AIO Robotics Premium 3D pen is probably the slimmest 3D pen in the market. For a pen of this size, it sure would surprise you what it packs in its slim body. It weighs approximately 14 ounces. Not too light and not too heavy. Just the right amount to let you move your hand with ease as if holding a bulky regular pen. A good thing about this pen is that it does not require proprietary filament, meaning that any grade of filament can be used as long as it is 1.75 mm in diameter.

Its body is ergonomically designed, and it comes with a 5V DC, 2 Amp USB charger, very few have this capability. Having a USB Type charging port increases the likelihood of keeping the device always charged as most of our other devices have USB ports and many regular phone chargers also use USB. It even has temperature control with 1-degree increments. An extra-bright OLED display to monitor the flow speed and temperature of the plastic filament. The packaging includes 2 colors of PLA filament, a user manual, cable and a charger. A year’s manufacturing warranty if anything happens, and first timers who have bought this are quite happy with the results. No steep learning curve, charges quickly and an all round good 3D pen.

  • PLA Filaments
  • LCD Display
  • Speed Control Buttons
  • Not Suitable for Kids
  • We can Use only PLA filaments

#9 PACKGOUT 3D Doodling pen

packgout 3d pen reviewThe PACKGOUT 3D pen is the second generation of its kind. Yes, the earlier model was a little disappointing, but the company upgraded their technology to achieve a better and simpler pen. It really paid off. This model is best suited for PLA. PLA is a type of environmentally friendly biodegradable material made from renewable plant resources. This filament when burnt will not produce odor and is far safer than the ABS filament. This pen is probably the lightest out of all its other competitors. Weighing only 2.2 ounces, this pen feels exactly like a regular pen and has a slim body to make designs easier.

It is 7.2 inches long and 1.1×1.6 inches in girth. This most likely is best suited for kids than professionals. Comes with a 240V adapter, and sadly does not have USB capabilities. All of the 3D pen companies should consider having USB ports. It makes life so much easier. The pen takes the regular 1.75 mm filament and no other. Don’t know whether any filament would work or proprietary ones, but we’re inclined towards any because otherwise, it would make this device too restricting. If you’re more of a professional then buying this for personal use would not benefit you, maybe gift it to a newbie.

  • Lightweight
  • PLA Filaments
  • Replaceable Nib
  • Not suitable for professional or heavy duty designs.

#10 BeTim 3D Pen

BeTim 3d pen review - best cheap 3d pen

Weighing 490 grams, the BeTim 3D pen for kids and adults has a well-balanced design that is ergonomically great. It comes packed with features. There is a provision to adjust speed as well as temperature which makes is suitable for professionals as well. An easy to view LCD screen displays the speed. The LCD also displays the temperature of material so you can get better control over your printing. It has two temperature and speed modes that will have you covered for spatial and surficial printing.

It is compatible with PLA as well as ABS filaments, which widens your choice for materials. The pen comes complete with 12 colors of 10ft. each PLA filaments. This product is also a great gifting option. It comes with a promising 1-year warranty. Two finger protectors for the thumb and forefinger come included with the pen. The power adapter and micro USB cable make it portable and easy to use. The penholder is also a handy stand for resting the pen when it is hot or even otherwise.

  • Ideal for kids and adults
  • LCD screen
  • Compatible with PLA and ABS filaments
  • Heats up after prolonged use

Wrapping up

Phew. That list is long, but it has the 10 Best 3D printing pens on the market. If you’d search all the pens available in the market alone, 3D pens will become obsolete. You must be wondering why would anyone spend money on buying a 3D pen when one can easily purchase a 3D printer. Right, but a 3D printer is suited for large projects, and kids find it very difficult to operate, I mean, learn the software, design the parts, wait for the machine to have all the fun while making cool stuff. You see the point, right? 3D pens are more fun, and allow anyone to make anything anywhere. No steep learning curve, no design issues, just your imagination with a pen in hand.

Currently, the market is growing, and many more changes will be seen in the future pens. Which means more of them will come out and crowd the market making it difficult for you to choose. That’s exactly why above list is created, to help people looking for 3D pens.

If you Know Any other 3D pen that deserves a place in our Top 10 Best 3d printing pens comment below or contact us through the Contact from.

Happy doodling!



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