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10 Best Waterproof Spray for Shoes – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Like they say “ Life is too short to wear boring shoes “ and it is true. Shoes make our outfit complete and help in giving us that amazing look. But lets face it, maintaining shoes is a big deal. Many shoes require special attention and we may not know how to take care of them. Using the wrong way to clean your shoe could have bad effect and result in permanent damage to you favorite shoe. Do you want that? I’m sure you don’t. Once you damage your shoes, there is no going back which means that you might have to throw away your favorite pairs. But you will not have to do that if you use the right waterproof sprays for your shoe according to the material to make them long last. Here we have 10 such amazing waterproof sprays for your shoes which can help you choose the one perfect for your needs and save your favorite pairs.

Best Waterproof Spray For Shoes 2022 – Reviews

Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector14 oz Check Price
KIWI Boot Protector12 oz Check Price
Kiwi Select All Protector7.7 oz Check Price
Grangers Performance Repel16.9 oz Check Price
Bickmore Gard-More8 oz Check Price
Crep Protect Spray5 oz Check Price
Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector7 oz Check Price
Kiwi Protect-All4.25 oz Check Price
Nikwax Nubuck and Suede4.2 oz Check Price
Rust-Oleum 28088611 oz Check Price

#1 Scothgard Fabric Shoe Protector

If you want to invest in a good waterproof spray then you must make sure its worth it. This one is one such spray that will ensure that your shoe is well protected from every harm possible. It can keep your shoes away from all sorts of liquid and block stains. This will also make sure that your shoes last long and are also shinier. This one will keep your shoes protected for a long time and keep it looking great as well. The best thing about this spray is that it does not make your shoe look unusual which means that the look of the shoe remains the same despite the use of the product. It also does not block the surface of the shoes hence keeping it breathable. This product has got a lot of positive reviews from customers and is definitely a good purchase.

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#2 Kiwi Boot Protector Spray

This is the spray that you need if you want to keep those leather shoes of yours shiny and protected. It will also increase your shoe’s lifespan. A lot of products can make your shoe look shiny but you need something that will keep them protected as well. If you wish to go out and engage yourself and your shoes in some outdoor activity then this is the spray that you should be using since it will keep your shoe away from any kind of liquid stains that might damage them permanently. You can keep your leather shoes, hunting or hiking boots completely protected by using this spray. This is an odourless spray and hence it will not create any problem for your shoes. You can apply them and let it dry , once it dries completely you can use it without any disturbance.

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#3 Kiwi Rain and Stain Waterproof Spray Protector

Kiwi is one of those famous brands that we all can relate to shoe care products and hence when you buy something which is a KIWI product then you know it’s the best. It has maintained its life long reputation and has given us the best products. As the name suggests this spray will keep your shoes protected from rain and all sorts of stains that can destroy your shoes. So if you are going hiking or camping then you will need the best shoe spray and it goes without saying that this one is the best. It is ideal for all kinds of shoes and hence one product for all your shoe worries. With amazing reviews from customers this is one of the best shoe sprays available in the market.

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#4 Grangers Performance Repel Waterproof Spray

This is another highly effective shoe spray with a great quality that keeps your shoe well maintained and protected. Once you spray this on your shoes, all your worries will be gone because it will do all the work and keep your shoes shiny and well protected. With many positive reviews this is one of the best shoe sprays available out there and you will not be disappointed. This spray has the power to repel all liquid stains hence keeping them stain free and shiny making them last longer. It is highly effective and it gives optical brightness with no scent and this makes it a quality product worth investing on. It is perfect for personal use.

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#5 Bickmore Gard-More Waterproof Spray

A highly effective shoe spray that ensures your shoes stay durable for a long time. It is made to cover a wide variety of shoes like leather, nubuck, felt, fabric, and suede which means that you only need one spray to keep all your shoes protected. Even if your shoes are not leather you need not worry since it will protect your other shoes as well. It is extremely easy to use as you don’t have to face any messy situation where you have to use your hands, it comes in a spray bottle. You only have to spray and your work is done. This will also not hamper the quality of your shoes as it will keep them breathable. The only thing that it does is, it keeps the shoes shiny and protected and hence durable at the same time.

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#6 The Art of Crep Waterproof Spray

This is one of the best waterproof shoe sprays available and is highly recommended by many. It is effective yet affordable which makes it a favorite among many. It is available in many sizes and you can choose the one that fits your need. Since it comes in a spray bottle it makes it very easy to use and without any added problems. Make sure that they are not already damaged because then no shoe spray can actually save your shoes. It is highly effective on suede, nubuck, and canvas shoes so you can protect them from any sort of damage. If you are planning to go hiking or camping then you can apply this on your shoes and you don’t have to worry at all.

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#7 Scothgard NUBUCK & Suede Protector

This is another waterproof shoe spray and as the name suggests it is meant for your nubuck leather shoes and suede shoes. But yes, a lot of other options are mentioned in the list that will help you achieve the same result, but if you want to stick to a particular variety then this one’s for you. If you want a spray only for your nubuck or suede shoes then this one is a perfect choice. This one will keep your shoe away from all kinds of liquid and precipitation, oils, among other things that can damage your shoes. So keep your loved pair away from damage. Another added advantage of this spray is that it not only can protect your shoes but also hats, coats, gloves, and other types. Thus making this one a great choice regarding shoe sprays.

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#8 Kiwi Protect Repellant Waterproof Spray

This one is a quality product and is highly effective on your shoes as it protects it from all sorts of damages. It is one of the best waterproof shoe sprays with a lot of good reviews. It is extremely affordable which gives it that added advantage and makes it highly popular. It will protect your shoes from any sort of stains and retain its original shine and quality. Another quality of this spray is that it can not only be used for your shoes but also for your raincoats, jackets, hats which makes it an all in one product. So you could use a product which is highly effective as well as universal and you will never regret buying this one. The only pre caution one must take is that to apply this spray when the shoe is clean and dry.

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#9 Nikwak NUbuck & Suede Waterproof Spray

This spray is the perfect one that you need for your shoe and before buying you must check its effectiveness before buying it and also the material that it is made for. As for this product, it is meant for your nubuck and suede shoes and hence you can keep them away from damage. The very feature that it is waterproof and saves your shoes from liquid or oil stains thus keeping them protected and shiny maintaining its original texture. Apply it when your shoes are dry and clean and see the results that you achieve. The biggest advantage is that this product is waterproof, meant to keep your shoes healthy and protected from damage. This product is biodegradable as well which makes it a perfect eco-friendly product as well.

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#10 Rust-Oleum 280886 Waterproof Spray

Pollution, water, moisture can damage shoes and one must take precautions in order to save them. This one is one of the best in the list and you can definitely rely on this one when it comes to saving your shoes. Rust-Oleum 280886 is one such spray that allows your shoes to breathe and is meant for a variety of shoe types. It has all the properties that will repel all sorts of stains to protect your shoes like dirt, stains, water, and mud just to mention a few. One of the most universal product that is available in the market that can protect different kinds of shoes. One must always apply these sprays when the shoes are clean and dry.

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Best Waterproofing spray buying Guide

There are a lot of waterproof shoe sprays available in the market but not all of them are worth buying. One must look at a few things before buying a shoe spray. If you are a first time buyer and have no such experience then you should look into a few factors. Some of the factors are mentioned below :

  • To see the capacity of the spray bottle
  • The effectiveness of the spray
  • Check the suitable materials on which you can use the spray on
  • The breathability and scent of the spray

Capacity of the spray bottle :

Before you buy any shoe spray make sure you see the capacity of the bottle. Different brands have different capacities and so it is an important step before buying one. This will help you keep a check on your budget and help you choose the perfect and desired product. Once you know the quantity you can estimate as to how long each bottle will last. If you are going out then you can plan as to how many will you need according to usage.

Effectiveness of the spray :

Effectiveness of a product is an important feature as it tells you whether you should invest on a particular product since not all products will have the desired results. Above mentioned products will not disappoint you at all and you can blindly trust them. Choose the desired product and save your shoes from all sorts of damage.

Suitable material :

You want the perfect shoe spray for your shoes right? We have given you the details of the best waterproof shoe sprays above. Look out for the ones that are meant for your shoe type. Some are made for a variety of shoes and some are for particular kinds. Buy the one that fits your demands.

Breathability and scent :

Shoe sprays that you use on your shoes must have the quality of letting your shoes breathe. If not, then your shoes might get infected and that can damage your shoes decreasing its durability. A perfect spray will let your shoes breathe to keep them protected and safe. Also the scent of the spray is another important feature. Sprays should not have typical scents so that it becomes obvious that one has used a waterproof shoe spray.


All the above mentioned products are highly demanded and have great user reviews. You can choose the one that you think fits your demands and make your purchase. They are loaded with features that makes it a perfect buy. So go ahead and save your lovely shoes!!


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